This home pole fitness program is for the regular gal (real women, like you and me)

  • The girl that loves pole, but can’t always make it to class. 
  • The girl that has a pole at home, but never knows what to do at home.
  •  The girl that loves that powerful feeling she gets from pole, and wants more!

From walking to seeing the world upside down, I have just the program for you! 

  • Are you frustrated that you can't make it to pole class?
  • Do you have a pole at home? (If not, click HERE.)
  • Do you want to gain strength and work on your pole skills at home? 
  • Do you learn cool stuff in your pole class, but get home and can't remember what to do?
  • Do you scroll pole videos on YouTube and think “oh, that looks easy” until you try it on your own?
  • Do you wonder why you can't get certain moves?  
  • How do you know if you are ready to attemp some of these cool tricks? 
  • Would you like a pole fitness program you can do at home? 

Whether you are just learning the basics or are already upside down, I have something for you! 

Just starting out? I will guide you step-by step through the pole progressions and have you feeling pretty darn badass as you master those pole moves! Already taking classes at your local studio? Awesome! I have a "Build-Your-Own-Workout" option that lets you choose from a variety of pole workouts & skill sets.

I know there are tons of youtube videos out there, but this is not just a video. It is a complete program, with a studio experience, and its online. 

I have been teaching pole fitness for over 10 years to average, everyday women. "Normal" women. Women just like you and I.  

I was there when the pole craze began, and in 2007, I opened my own studio. In 2009, I drove Alethea Austin to the first pole convention in my silver Honda Odyssey minivan! (I think she was mortified, but I was one cool and hot mama in my minivan).  

Yup, I am a mom of two (plus 2 dogs & a cat), a wife, and a former critical care nurse. Although I have always been into fitness, I found my passion in teaching pole, and left my nursing career behind in 2008.  

I started out as a self-taught, home poler because at the time, there was not much out there. I had zero dance experience. Basically, I learned from trial and error, many bruises, and a lot of frustration

Yes, I learned pole the hard and unsafe way, BUT, you don't have to! I have figured it out for you and learned so much over my 10+ years in the pole fitness business.

Even with the trainings and pole certifications I now have, I gained the most from teaching average, everyday women how to pole. My studio is full of women who LOVE pole fitness, but they are "real" women, not “pole stars”. We are busy, come in all ages, shapes, and sizes, but we love that powerful feeling we get from poling.

I have been a pole competitor and performer, and I can certainly rock the pole, but I am not aiming to be a world competitor or a big name YouTuber. I just absolutely love pole fitness for what it does to my mind and body, and I want to share that experience with women just like you ("real" women).

I have worked with so many women that were excited to order a pole for their home, yet once they put it up, they were frustrated. Frustrated that they didn’t know what to do at home, or that they lacked the motivation to do the pole skills and drills we did in class. 

“I don't know what to do at home....It’s just not the same without you.” 

I tried live streaming my classes, recording classes and sharing online, but not everyone was at the same level or even had the time to view the whole class. I have taught 8-week sessions, drop-in style classes, and even short series, but the challenge was always the same. If the women were not able to follow the progressions and regularly attend classes (repetition), they fell short and were frustrated.  

The best way to learn pole is with lots repetition and progressions. Learn moves in order from A to Z (and I do not mean alphabetical order, lol). You cannot do pole move D unless you have mastered pole moves A, B, and C. And when you do this...

It makes perfect sense, right? 

I have worked with women of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels and provided options, progressions, and goals for each unique woman. I made sure every single one of them felt challenged, beautiful, and successful along their pole journey. 

I am excited and so proud to be able to offer my pole program online.  

This home pole fitness program is for the regular gal (real women, like you and me).  

  • She loves pole, but can’t always make it to class.  
  • She has a pole at home, but never knows what to do at home. 
  • She loves that powerful feeling she gets from poling, and she wants more!
  • A complete pole fitness program you can do anytime you want, from home.
  • You can follow the Beginner through Advanced Pole Course or you can Build-Your-Own-Workout. Choose your warmup, then pick a workout &/or lesson, and finish up with a cooldown/stretch. Whatever you have time for, whatever you are in the mood for, long or short, you make the choice from the growing video library.  
  • Master pole sequences, progressions, and skill sets safely, confidently, and at your own pace.
  • Program is taught in progression from A-Z to help prevent injuries.
  • Progression check-off lists provided so you can see your progress, stay on track, and feel successful.
  • Guidance, motivation, and support always available through the membership site, facebook, and email.
  • Built to compliment your current pole classes and to provide a complete home pole program.  
  • Over 50 hours of content already on the site and more to come!

Progressive Program With Checklist  

Go from a beginner to an advanced poler with this complete pole fitness program. Follow the lessons in progression and at your own pace. Prevent injuries and have a better pole experience by learning the skills in order, step-by-step. Stay on track and monitor your progress as you check the moves off through the program. Think you are ready to move on? Find out how to determine if you are really ready for the next skill set. 


Choose from a variety of options and build your own workout. Pick your warm-up, choose the type of workout, and finish with a stretch. Long or short, it is totally up to you!

  • Warm-ups & Cool-downs
  • Pole Fitness & Dance Classes
  • Specialty Workouts
  • Mini-Workouts & Combos
  • Skill Sets & Strength Drills

Instructional Library & Support  

Looking for a certain move? Check out the growing video library of pole moves categorized for easy reference. Plus, a search option to make it easier to find what you are looking for. 

Struggling with a move? Can't find a move? Support will always available through facebook and email.  

"You are an awesome instructor and have given me a love and passion for something I never thought I would see myself doing...pole! I have gained confidence and learned to be ok with my body, because I know it can do some pretty amazing things!" ~Kathy  

"THANK YOU for the foundation you created for my "pole future." You're the reason I've been able to stick with my pole classes and keep up." ~Susan

"Week by week, I have been learning new moves and climbs, and it feels awesome. I have accomplished things I originally saw as impossible, and have gained so much strength." ~Taylor  


  • Beginner through Advanced Pole Courses with step-by-step progressions and skill sets to set you up for success.
  • A growing instructional video library
  • Build-Your-Own-Workout Options 
  • Specialty Lessons & Bonus Workouts 
  • PDF progression checklists to keep you safe and on track 
  • Support via Email and Facebook  
  • Plus, any NEW content & updates
  • NEW releases are delivered to your inbox 
  • Over 50 hours of content already on the site!

$$ With the typical rate of a pole class, 50 hours of classes would cost you over $1000! $$

Let me break it down again...

  • Instant access to EVERYTHING in the program (that's over 50 hours of content), plus ALL NEW content. 
  • Set your goals and get started NOW
  • Follow the course lessons in order. Once you have mastered the moves and feel comfortable with them, check them off the progression checklist, and move on. 
  • If you get stuck or your pace slows, get in touch so I can help you. I am available via email and facebook.
  • Build-Your-Own-Workout: Choose from a variety of warm-ups, skill sets, routines, cool-downs, stretches, & more.
  • Plus, bonus workouts! Like Body by Pole, Sexy & Flexy, Captivating Core, Cardio Pole & more.  

Are you ready to master those pole moves? I have mapped it all out for you….step by step. 

"As a breast cancer survivor, I was told I would never be able to lift more than 10 pounds, but I am now inverting and learning new tricks all the time thanks to the expertise and instruction from Angela. Her classes & program has helped me to be a strong, sexy breast cancer survivor!" ~Rota  

"THANK YOU - your instruction, encouragement, and enthusiasm for pole fitness is amazing. You definitely have inspired me to reach new heights, and this is coming from someone who was so afraid, but now I am inverting!" ~Candice  

"It is, 100%, my favorite workout! And, now I can take pole classes and work on my skills at home. Love it!” ~Lisa


  • Beginner through Advanced Pole Courses with step-by-step progressions and skill sets to set you up for success.
  • A growing instructional video library
  • Build-Your-Own-Workout Options 
  • Specialty Lessons & Bonus Workouts 
  • PDF progression checklists to keep you safe and on track 
  • Support via Email and Facebook  
  • Plus, any NEW content & updates
  • NEW releases are delivered to your inbox  
  • Over 50 hours of content already on the site!


BONUS: Choose the FULL ACCESS yearly option and you will also become an AMF VIP (Very Important Poler)! VIPs receive exclusive content only available to yearly members, plus they receive exclusive email tips & tricks only available to VIPs.

So, if you are a "real" everyday woman who... 

  • Loves to pole…. but can’t make it class
  • Has a pole at home, but just doesn’t know what to do with it 
  • Needs guidance and motivation to master those pole skills and progressions 
  • Is tired of watching hours of YouTube videos and still not be able to master the moves  
  • Wants to do pole workouts from home

This program is not for every poler… If you are already are a pole star, this is probably not for you. If you are already are an elite poler, this is probably not for you.  

But if you… 

  • Have a pole at home and really want to use it
  • Take classes at a local studio and want to improve your skills
  • Have never have taken a pole class and are just starting out 
  • Want to succeed at pole and safely learn pole progressions and skills 
  • Want to feel strong, confident, beautiful, and fit  

This program is perfect for you!


What if I don't have a pole at home? You can purchase a pole HERE. *Poles should be professional grade and properly installed. *Always check your pole before doing anything on it.

Why do I need this program if I already take classes at my local studio? This program will compliment your studio classes and will help you when you are doing your home pole practice and workouts. The progressions, skill sets, and strength drills will be a huge benefit to your pole journey. Plus, learning new and difficult moves with a spotter is always the best practice.

Is this a stripper workout? No, this is a pole program that is highly fitness based. Pole workouts can be pure fitness and athleticism, pure sexy and dance, or pure tricks and acrobatics. My teaching style and pole taste blends a bit of everything.

What makes this online program different? You can go through the site in progressive series or you can build-your-own-workout and chose from a variety of workout options. Your workout could be pure skills or it could be a complete hour long pole class. It is up to you :-)

What if I don't want FULL ACCESS for the year? No problem. You can choose the yearly membership option at $249 (with VIP access), or you can choose a monthly membership option at $39/month (No VIP content). 

What is the cancellation policy? No worries. My membership site is hosted through Vimeo and you can cancel your membership anytime. 

$$ 50 hours of pole classes would cost you over $1000! $$