My Story

I am a wife, mom of two teenagers, 2 dogs and one crazy cat. I live in the same small beach town where I grew up because I am a total beach girl!  

Things I love…  

Morning coffee or a hot cup of tea in the afternoon... Dark Chocolate... Football... Baseball... UFC... My toes in the sand...sunshine & tanlines! Music, concerts... I love it all!  

How did I go from a critical care nurse to a pole instructor??

I am Angela Marie.  

I have been working with women of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels for the last 11 years in my private studio. Most of these women hated to work out and did not like the gym. Some of them were bored and looking for something new and challenging. Many were just looking to step out of their comfort zone and take a walk on the “wild side”.  


Why not?? That is exactly what I did and it led me to where I am today.  

I shocked myself, my friends, and my family and I took a pole dancing class!  

YES, I did. And…..I freaking LOVED it!  

It was so powerful.  

It made be feel strong.  

It made me feel beautiful.  

It helped me get into the best shape of my life.  

After having my two kids (now teenagers), I was overwhelmed, tired, and trying to get back in shape as most of us moms are, but I was not feeling it, not enjoying it, and not really having any success. I was resentful, frustrated, and not happy. I wanted to have it all—be a super mom, super wife, and to get my body back. (Don’t we all want to be a member of the “Hot Moms Club”?!)  

I figured out that in order to make it all happen, I had to make time for myself. It didn’t mean I was a terrible mother or wife. It was not selfish. It was (and is) a necessity as a mom and I am so much happier since choosing me.  

I was watching an Oprah episode (so cliche), but she had the women of “Sex and the City” on, and they were talking about their pole dancing classes with Sheila Kelley, and how amazing it was for their mind, body, and relationships.  

They said it changed their lives!  

I was like OMG! Pole dancing??!! I have to do this!  

(But, no one can know. What would they think of me??)  

I couldn’t find any local classes, so before I could change my mind, I ordered a pole and a DVD. My husband, friends, and family all thought I was crazy, but I was excited for the first time in a long while. It was not as easy as I had thought, and I was not strong and graceful either, but it was fun. I was sore in places I never knew I had muscles. I wanted MORE! I did not feel like I was working out, but I definitely was. My body was changing in a good way.  

I felt strong, I felt beautiful, I felt sexy again. 

Long story short, I loved it! I became an instructor, and in 2007, I left my nursing career behind to open my own pole fitness studio (yes I did). I wanted to share the same powerful transformation I had with women in my community. These were average, everyday women just like you and me. They were mostly moms, feeling the same way I was, trying to figure it all out and be happy with themselves and in life. I fell in love with them, their stories, their transformations, and I LOVED watching them find the beautiful woman hiding inside and slowly bring her out.  

It became my passion!

I work with the average, everyday woman, the normal woman. I help her find her strength, her beauty, and her sexy side (even when she is not feeling it and doesn't think it's possible). My workouts make her forget she is even working out. 

My workout style beautifully fuses dance, yoga, pilates, and strength... with sexy.  

It doesn’t matter if you have experience or none at all, if you are in shape or not at all. My goal is to make you feel strong, beautiful, sexy, and fit from head to toe, mind and body. You will move in ways you never thought you would. Your body will do things you never knew it could, and...

 It will amaze and excite you.

Proud Moments:

  • 2011 American Pole Federation Championship Elite Finalist
  • 2012 2nd Place, Tri-State Pole Invitational Competition
  • 2012 Featured Performer, Charm City Pole Show
  • 2013 Featured Performer, International Pole Convention
  • 2013 1st place, PSO Southern Pole Championship Level 3
  • 2014 4th place, PSO Atlantic Pole Championship Level 4

I have a BS in Respiratory Therapy and Nursing, and worked in critical care for 10 years. I combine my health and fitness backgrounds in my approach to the whole woman---mind and body, and keep safety a top priority.  

Certifications & Trainings:  

  • ACE Group Fitness & ACE Youth Fitness  
  • Beginner - Advanced Certified Instructor & Master Trainer for PoleMoves/Pole Fitness Alliance
  • Pole Dance Instructor Certified 
  • Discoveries Dance Trained 
  • Climb & Spin Trained  
  • Diva Fit Instructor Trained 
  • YogaFit Certified
  • FlyGym Aerial Fitness Certified 
  • Pole Flight Instructor Trained 
  • POUND Pro  
  • PiYo Pro  
  • CPR/FirstAid/AED  

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