Feeling judged because you pole? Girl, me too!!

Feeling judged because you pole? Girl, me too!!

So, you are the pole girl…  How do you respond to that??

Why do people get weird when I tell them I teach pole? 

It usually goes something like this…  
Person:  “What do you do to stay in shape?”
Me: “I teach pole!”
Person: “What??  Like pole dancing?? How did you get into that??  Are you a stripper?? I bet your husband loves it! Hey guys, she is a pole dancer!”
Me:  “Ugh…not exactly. Let me explain it to you.”

Why does it always go in that direction??

There are some women who pole that are strippers, but there are a lot of women who pole that ARE NOT strippers, and either way, I am ok with it. 

Pole is an AMAZING workout for the mind and body. It challenges you physically and mentally in ways you could never imagine.

That is why I LOVE it!
That is WHY I pole.

That is WHY I teach pole! 

I wish people would understand that.

I have had friends and family disrespect and embarrass me because they just don’t understand why I pole. They don’t get WHY I do it. They only see pole as taboo, sexual, and for strippers. I don’t do pole for the pleasure of my husband or for attention from men,
I do it for ME. I teach it for YOU.

That is why it bothers me when people say…
“Oh, you are the pole girl!” (eyebrow raise…)
“You are the pole dancer…” (smirk…)
“Get up on that pole and show everyone what you got…” (giggle…)
“His wife is a pole dancer…” (wink wink)
“Were you a stripper?” (confusion…)

I took a pole class 12 years ago to try something new, get back in shape, and yes, to find my sexy side after having my kids. I was stuck in mom mode and I wanted to get unstuck. I wanted to make myself a priority and work on me. I was losing myself and my confidence, and pole turned out to be everything I needed. I fell in love with everything about it. So much so, I left my critical care nursing position to open a pole studio.
Yup. I sure did.

But, please don’t assume that I am going to get up on a pole in public and shake it, pop it, and twerk. It is just not what I do, and not what I am comfortable with.  I am actually shy and reserved, and even though I have been a pole competitor, being the center of attention is not my thing.

So, what bothers me is that people think women who pole are a certain way or a certain type. The “type” of women would surprise most and telling people I pole is certainly a good conversation piece (one I use to educate and dispel the many misconceptions). There are SO many different styles of pole and SO many different and unique women that pole. 

The strength and fluidity are beautiful and sexy for sure.
It feels powerful to climb the pole!
it feels good to move your body in feminine ways!
It is amazing for the mind and body and I love teaching women how to do all this.

But still, I (we) feel judged. 

I do pole fitness which involves working out and dancing with a pole, but I am not a pole dancer. 
move my body in feminine ways that are sexy by nature, but I am not an exotic dancer.

I do all of this for ME. Not for men or for money or anyone’s entertainment.
I pole in my own private, safe place, not in public.
This is a workout for ME.
A workout for my mind and body. 
Something I enjoy.

I think that is what is hard for people to understand. That pole can be anything more than for strippers and for the entertainment of men.

So, I do get offended when people say…
“Oh Angela is a pole dancer, she will get up there and dance”, or “go climb that pole, this is right up your alley”.  
Those that know me, know it is not.

Just open your mind.
Pole has a wide variety of women of all ages, professions,  sizes, and fitness levels and each one of us has a special reason why we LOVE pole ❤