Are you ready to teach pole?

I help new pole fitness instructors go from feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and like they have no idea where to begin, to feeling confident and ready to teach pole. 

  • Are you overwhelmed by all of the info covered in the pole instructor course? 
  • Are you struggling with some of the moves and techniques?
  • Do you feel anxious about recording your assignments & actually teaching? 
  • Do you find it hard to stay on track, watch the instructional videos, read the text, and submit assignments?
  • Are you unsure how to structure and sequence a class and nervous about cueing and choreography?

I get it! It is hard to do on your own.

Every one of my instructors started as one of my students. Nervous when they took their first class, NEVER thinking they would ever teach, but after falling in love with pole, they decided they WANTED to teach. They took the PoleMoves Teacher Course with me, and with no prior teaching experience, I was able to coach them into the fabulous teachers they are today.

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I have been teaching pole since 2007, and I learned how to teach pole the hard way... figuring it out on my own. Why? There wasn't much training offered then, and I had to figure out how to teach pole to women of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels. With all of those years and all of those experiences, I can confidently (and proudly) say...

"I know pole!"

Of course, I did not learn everything in one day or even one course, and I have evolved my teaching techniques over the years. 

Luckily, YOU DO NOT have to do this! 

I have already figured it out! 

I am sharing all of the tips & tricks I have learned in my 12+ years of teaching pole fitness. Everything that worked and everything that didn’t, all so you don’t have to learn the hard way like I did. Why? So you can confidently begin your teaching journey and quickly start sharing the incredible benefits of pole with others. Together, we can grow our amazing pole community!

Are you ready to teach pole?

  • Go from being able to pole to being able to safely teach pole moves, skill sets, and progressions. 
  • Learn how to structure a dynamic warm-up and an effective cool-down, and how to choose strength moves that actually prepare your students for the moves to come. 
  • Feel confident in cueing, sequencing, and leading a class. 
  • Understand why YOU, the instructor, are critical to each student’s pole journey and WHY this is so important to YOUR success as an instructor
  • Learn how to create an environment that makes students want to come back to YOUR class. 
  • Gain critical thinking skills that are the key to your student’s success and builds their confidence in you as a teacher. 
  • Identify the various personalities in a class and learn how to handle them and maintain control of your class. 

1. Enroll

We'll setup a LIVE online session and discuss your pole history & experience, your pole instructor experience, pole goals & timeline, and of course, get to know one another. 

All you need is a pole and a device with a camera--(phone, laptop etc).

*You must be enrolled in the PoleMoves Course.

2. 1:1 LIVE Coaching 

We will plan out your teacher training timeline and schedule your coaching sessions to meet YOUR pole instructor needs & goals. During our online sessions, we will go through the course topics, assignments, breakdown move techniques, teaching techniques, and go over anything you may be confused or struggling with.

3. Weekly Check-ins

Our weekly online sessions will serve to keep you accountable and motivated, plus allow us to discuss your progress, make any changes, and keep your teaching goals on track. I will also be available throughout the program for additional support through email and my private FB Group.

Imagine if you had someone to keep you on track, answer your questions, and hold you accountable so you can complete the PoleMoves course on schedule!  

Imagine if you could get comfortable teaching and build your confidence by having someone to practice with. A coach that would share her experience and knowledge, give tips and feedback, and help you become a better instructor.  

"I took the pole instructor course for my own knowledge with no intention of teaching so I was scared when I had to do the teaching assignments. I booked a 1:1 with Angela and she shared so many teaching tips! Surprisingly, I enjoyed the teaching part and decided I WANTED to teach! Signing up for online teacher coaching with Angela was the best thing I could've done." 

Eve, Online Client

1:1 Coaching

  • LIVE 1:1 online pole instructor coaching covering the PoleMoves Course & Assignments!
  • Hourly or Weekly Coaching Options!
  • Accountability!
  • Motivation!
  • Guidance!
  • Teacher mentoring!

*All you need is a pole and a device with a camera--(phone, laptop etc).

*You must be enrolled in the PoleMoves course.

Unlimited Support

  • Direct Email Access!
  • Private Facebook Group!
  • Your questions answered!
  • A coach to keep you on track!


  • Enroll in weekly coaching and gain access to my AMF membership site! This growing library includes tutorials, warm-ups/cool-downs, strength drills, complete lessons, pole workouts, specialty lessons & more!
  • This access will give you so many examples & references to use as you go through your teacher training! A bonus resource for any new instructor!

"Angela is an amazing instructor and really understands pole. I have been poling for years, so the pole course wasn't hard, but actually teaching, cueing, and leading the class...that is where she helped me pull it all together and feel confident enough to teach my first class."

Heather, Online Client

I know you feel like you can do this on your own (I DID TOO), but if this sounds like you...

  • You are in the process of completing the PoleMoves Instructor Course (and are saying " this what they want??") or you have completed the course (and are saying "now what??"). 
  • You thought you could do an online course, but the reality is that you are having trouble staying on track, completing assignments, and you know you would benefit from a LIVE coach that will hold you accountable. 
  • You would do better with LIVE instruction, someone to answer your questions, and give you support. 
  • You would love for someone to teach you how to teach because YOU HAVE NEVER TAUGHT BEFORE!  


Being able to pole is one thing, but being able to TEACH pole is a totally different skill set.  

I didn’t know it all when I started, and it would’ve been a hell of a lot easier if I had someone to coach me.  

That is why I am offering this program!  

That is why I want to share everything I have learned with you!  

We need pole instructors that are GREAT at TEACHING if we are going to grow our pole community and gain respect.  

  • 1:1 LIVE Pole Instructor Coaching & Mentoring
  • Hourly or Weekly Coaching Options
  • Support Via Direct Email Access 
  • Private Facebook Group Access

  • BONUS: Access To My AMF Online Studio!

A bonus resource full of tutorials and sample classes!

(*1 Month Access/4-Week Coaching & 2 Months Access/8-Week Coaching)


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