Be Strong. Be Beautiful. Be Fit.

Unique home workouts that will make you feel strong and beautiful (and sexy).

Hello Beautiful!

I am Angela Marie, and I have been teaching women’s fitness classes in my own private studio for the last 10 years.  I really CANNOT believe it has been that long! In celebration of my 10 year anniversary, I have decided to share my unique and beautiful workout program with women EVERYWHERE!

Pole fitness is my specialty, and I have worked with women of ALL ages, sizes, and fitness levels--women who never thought they would see themselves on a pole! I have loved watching them become stronger and more beautiful.

Some of my clients have been with me since my VERY first class, others just dropped in, but many commuted regularly to class. I have enjoyed teaching every single class and I am so excited to bring my classes to you.

Everything from my 10 years of teaching has been put into a program that you can do from home. My signature program is pole fitness, but I also have a non-pole program. Either way, you will feel strong and beautiful, I can promise you that! 

The Beautiful Workout

My goals are to make you forget you are working out. I want to help you love and accept your curves. I want to help you find your strength, your beauty, and your confidence. It will happen, it has happened, and I know just what to do to get you there. You will be amazed at what your body can do. We will get sweaty, but you will FEEL beautiful and sexy.

Be Strong.

Be Beautiful.

Be Fit.

Want A Free Workout?

Good things come to those who wait. I am busy getting my program ready to launch, but the first VIB (very important beauties) signed up are going to get a FREE workout.